The Founder

Young entrepreneur Leila Rana Quraishi grew up in New York City and spent her high school years in Southern California. Now an undergraduate student at The University of Southern California, Leila has come up with an innovative concept for women’s socks.

Leila first came up with the idea of Nudesox in 2015, and spent the next two years developing the brand. She has always been fashion-forward, but believes that comfort should never be compromised for style.

Leila has run other successful businesses including her own yoga business. She is a certified and licensed Next Generation Yoga™ (NGY) instructor. She received her certification at the age of fourteen, after studying with Jodi Komitor, the founder of NGY – the “first children’s yoga studio in the world.”

Whether Leila is practicing yoga, running errands, or eating out with friends, Nudesox are always on her feet!