The Company

Nudesox is the first company to create athleisure socks in various shades of nude that closely match your skin tone. Nudesox was created to fill a void in women’s fashion. When it comes to getting dressed, we often color-coordinate everything without giving much thought to our socks, even though they are usually visible. These sporty chic socks effortlessly complement your outfit every time while providing superior comfort with simple elegance.


The Philosophy

It is time that the word “nude” encompasses all shades of nude, and not just the creamy color that comes to most people’s mind. Society has portrayed the color nude as one that pertains only to a certain type of skin color; however, nude embodies many more shades of skin colors. The mission of Nudesox is to be inclusive of people of all skin tones, and to help expand the meaning of the word nude, while providing aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic socks.